Birds & Wall Art

We create unique fused glass birds and hand-crafted glass abstract and bead mosaic wall art.


I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Abstract Wall Art

These are created by fusing numerous types and colours of glass into an abstract representation of everyday items.

Glass Bead Mosaic Pictures

Glass mosaic pictures are created by fusing glass frit into beads and then applying them to the design requested by the client.







These have ranged from fantasy dinosaurs  to aminals.

Glass Bead Picture of Vehicles

We create unique personalised pictures of vehicles from photographs.


We make the glass beads to the closest colour match possible and complete the picture by adding the vehicle registration number.

These unique personalised gifts in glass can be of you own or dream car.  We have completed picture of Porsche’s, Fast & Furious Cars, The A Team Van, numerous mini’s and VW Camper Vans and even  a Transformer’s Bumble Bee.

We make all the picture frames so they are available in any type of wood and finished in any colour or brushing wax.