Personalised Gifts

Unique Personalised Gifts in Glass
Here at Gemini Craft Designs, we can create you a unique personalised gift in glass. These gifts include glass plaques, coasters, bowls and plates using sepia and full colour decals.

You provide us with a copyright free photograph, digital preferred, and we will fuse the picture onto the glass at a temperature of over 800 degrees centigrade. The photographs can be of anything; cars, pets, weddings, christening, graduations, etc., but you must own the copyright to the picture. As a result of these high temperature, the photograph will never scratch or fade.

Some of the items we have created include pictures of grandchildren, pets, tractors, aircraft, cars, motor bikes, holiday snaps and we have even fused pictures of loved ones onto the reverse side of pendants.

The most popular personalised coaster are those of the Vulcan and Lancaster.

Wall Art
Another way of obtaining a truly unique gift for a loved one is by commissioning a picture of their favourite vehicle. This can be one they have owned or one they would like to own.

First of all we make the glass beads to the closest colour match possible. We then produce the picture and finally we complete the artwork by adding the vehicle registration number, making it a truly unique and personal gift.

These unique personalised gifts in glass can be of your own or dream car. We have completed picture of Porsches, Fast & Furious Cars, The A Team Van and even Transformer’s Bumble Bee. The most popular pictures are those of the Mini Cooper and the VW Camper Van.

For information please contact Mandy or Ron to discuss your requirements.