We offer a bespoke service that will help you design unique glass ornaments that will bring the finishing touches to any room’s décor.

By designing and creating unique hand-crafted glass ornaments and wall art, it will give your room that distinctive and personal look.

Working with bullseye, striker and dichroic glass, re-active glass powders,  copper and silver foil and full colour ceramic decals the results are only limited by your imagination.

Glass Ornaments

We have a complete range of  glass ornaments ranging from single items or matched sets. Being at least two layers of glass fused together, they are a lot stronger than they look.


We have several standard shaped bowls but we are not just limited to these alone! All bowls are unique glass ornaments in colour and design and have plastic feet.

Candle Bridges & Plates 

These designs are unlimited; we have square, oblong, circular and bridges to name a few.  They can be plain or multi-coloured, just get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for.


Coasters are normally 10cm by 10cm but the place mats size is up to the customer. The can have coloured ceramic decals fused onto the surface which means that the images will never fade or scratch.

Foral Formers

These glass ornaments are created by first fusing a flat sheet of glass and then slumping it over a stainless steel former. You will never get two the exact same shape. They can be used to hold sweets, keys or candles.


The design of these glass ornaments is only limited by your mind.  You can combine glass types, colours and shapes.


There are several styles of platters ranging from deep square bowls to narrow oblongs.  There uses are totally unlimited as we have seen them used as everything from tea light holders to mounted pieces of art.

Tee Light Holders

These come in various forms from small bowls, tea light holders to larger ornamental waves which are mounted in an oak base.

Glass Gifts

We can create you a unique personalised gift in glass. These gifts include, glass plaques, coasters, bowls and plates using sepia and full colour decals.

If you provide us with a copyright free photograph, digital preferred, we will fuse the picture onto the glass at a temperature of over 800 degrees centigrade.The photographs can be of anything, cars, pets, weddings, christening, graduations, etc.,  but you must own the copyright to the picture. As a result of the high temperature, the photograph will never scratch or fade.

Some of the items we have created include pictures of grand-children, pets, tractors, aircraft, cars, motor bikes, holiday snaps and we have even fused pictures of love one onto the reverse side of pendants

The most popular personalised coaster are those of the Vulcan and Lancaster.