Glass Jewellery 

We offer a bespoke service to ensure that the unique hand crafted glass jewellery is perfect and individually designed to meet your specific requirements.

Working with bullseye, striker and dichroic glass, re-active glass powders,  copper and silver foil and full colour decals the results are only limited by your imagination.

By listening to your requirements we will design and create that unique hand crafted glass jewellery that will be perfect for those special occasions.

All handcrafted glass jewellery is mounted on silver or silver plated findings and mounts.

We create matching sets or individual pieces. Pendants are sold with or without a chain. We have sterling silver & silver plated chains of all sizes and leather and material thongs. Pendants can be matched with rings, earrings and bangles. Tie pins or clips can be matched with cuff links. We will create any item to your colour scheme or to your design. All hand crafted glass jewellery is sold in presentation boxes.

Puddle Technique

Stack several layers or coloured glass on top of each other and full fuse.    When glass is fused it always tries to melt to be 6 mm thick.  This means that the all the colours mix in an irregular pattern.  The resulting puddle is then broken into small pieces, stood on their edge on the kiln shelf and then full fused again.